Timing is half of it, location the other half. That's just how it gets started. 

We have discussed owning a business for as long as we've been together.  A Pizzeria was very high on our list, but only one place in Franklinville ever made sense to us: attached to Skateland.

When the opportunity was presented to get this location, we jumped at the chance to bring the true pizzeria experience back to the village we live in. Something we believe the village is ready to have back where it belongs. 

We are very proud to be able to bring this back to the community that we have planted our roots in. 

Our goal is to use high-quality ingredients to create the best fresh made pizzas, calzones, strombolis, subs, wings, plus many more items while keeping prices reasonable. That's the recipe that will make the whole community proud to call Rizzo's Pizzeria its own.

We thank you for your support in this endeavor.

Eric & Ashley Schumaker

Photo of owners Eric & Ashley Schumaker with their newborn son Alexander. April 2018